Hello! We can’t wait to see you this summer! Please read this very carefully, because we will have to send you home without a service if the rules are not followed.  These are reminders of what you have already seen before agreeing to your appointment, and a couple of measures we are taking to reduce contact as much as possible/having you in the salon for the least amount of time possible.

**Waiver is attached please make every effort to sign and send back. Click on the link and submit electronically.**

1. Masks are 100% necessary throughout the entire service, no exceptions. Do not bring in anything that is unnecessary- all you need is your keys and method of payment.


Checks and Venmo are going to be the best way to pay your stylist moving forward without incurring extra fees. Our credit card fee is 3%  You are welcome to pay with credit card, but that 3% fee will be added. If you pay with cash, we will not be giving out change at this time.

2. There is only one entrance and exit- the back door. Wheel chair/walker access is available via the ramp which is also at the back of the building.

3. Do not arrive to your appointment more than 5 minutes early- this is for parking reasons. *WAIT FOR THE TEXT FROM YOUR STYLIST to leave your car.

***If you didn’t send back electronically, You will sign a waiver outside of the building near the back steps  and have your temperature taken.

3. Please arrive to your appointment with CLEAN, DRY hair. Day old hair is perfectly fine. There are no blow dry services being offered at this time. Shampoo services are TBD depending on what is necessary to your service. Haircuts will be completed on dry heads.

Thank you for bearing with us as we all get used to this new way of doing thing in the salon. We have poured over every resource we could find, trying to find what was working for other salons and how to best follow the code of St. Louis County. Trust us, we really can’t wait to get back to the normal way of running our appointments, but our job is now suddenly very risky as there is no way for us to socially distance from our clients and successfully complete a service. We wholeheartedly believe that these preventative measures will ensure your safety and our safety.

If you still need an appointment, text your stylist and they will be happy to get one set up for you!

Much love,

Stylist at Meche Salon